Thursday, December 21, 2017

Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement - Figures
Appendix A - SEQR Positive Declaration and Part 360 Application
Appendix B - DSEIS Consolidated Scope
Appendix C - Engineering Information
Appendix D - Surface Water Information
Appendix E - Environmental Monitoring Information
Appendix F - Hydrogeologic Information
Appendix G - Borrow Area Use Plan 
Appendix H - Report - Air and Particulate Items
Appendix I - Ecological Study
Appendix J - Wetland Reports
Appendix K - Archeological and Historic Resources Correspondence
Appendix L - Noise Studies
Appendix M - Visual Impact Assessment
Appendix N - Host Agreement
Appendix O - Town of Campbell Zoning Law - Excerpts 
Appendix P - Site Plan Approval Application